Causes Of Sudden Sweating

Hyperhidrosis - Sudden sweating, or excessive sweating, called hyperhidrosis can be a symptom of any number of disorders, or can simply be a condition having no apparent cause that some suffer from more than others. In the latter case, sudden sweating can lead to social embarrassment, especially since occurrences are not always predicable. The three most common types of this type of hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating of the feet, called plantar hyperhidrosis, sudden or excessive sweating in the armpits, called axillary hyperhidrosis, and sudden sweating about the face, called facial hyperhidrosis.

Somewhat surprisingly, these types of sweating can often be completely cured by surgery though there are some medications which can bring the problem under a degree of control. Surgery done to cure sudden sweating can be rather delicate as the nervous system is involved. Specific nerves, located in the lower back, are cut or clamped, reducing sweating in specific areas of the body. Surgery is most effective in treating sudden sweating experienced in the feet and under the armpits. Correction of sudden sweating of the face, facial hyperhidrosis, is generally quite a bit more difficult.

Heart Attack, Stress, And Anxiety - There are a number of other things that can bring about a sudden onset of sweating, and many of these are of a serious nature. One of the most common is a heart attack, where sudden and excessive sweating is often one of the symptoms, though usually not the only symptom. Those suffering from various acute stress disorders often experience sudden sweating, and sudden or excessive sweating often accompanies a panic attack or an anxiety attack. It is not at all uncommon to awaken in the middle of the night, the victim of what we call "night sweats", sudden or profuse sweating that sometimes is accompanied by a dream.

Nutritional And Hormone Deficiencies Or Excesses - Sudden or profuse sweating incidents can sometime be traced back to a nutritional deficiency or a hormone imbalance, and the exact cause can at times be difficult to diagnose. As far as nutritional deficiencies are concerned a deficiency in potassium appears to lead the list of candidates responsible for outbreaks of profuse sweating. Hyper-secretion of growth hormones can sometimes trigger bouts of sudden sweating, and sudden sweating episodes have been traced to other medical disorders as well, one of them being pituitary tumors, which of course can lead to hormone imbalances.

Food And Medication - Food can also be a cause. Anyone who has eaten highly spiced Thai or Mexican food has probably experienced sudden sweating at one time or another, although in this case the cause is well known and the problem is usually quite temporary and not severe. Food poisoning on the other hand can cause sudden and extensive sweating. The sweating of course is only a symptom, and not a problem in itself, but the underlying cause can be a serious one indeed. Sweating, sudden or otherwise can be one of the side effects of certain medications. In this case, a decision may have to be made regarding the dosage or type of medication if the sweating is quite pronounced or becoming a problem.

Summary - In summary, there appears to be three broad categories of causes of sudden sweating. One is the case of hyperhidrosis, where the sweating itself is the problem, may be a social issue, and is not the result of some other condition or trigger. A second category is sweating which is caused by something preventable, usually harmless, be it Mexican food or a certain medication for which there may be a substitute. The third category encompasses a wide range of underlying medical issues, some of them quite serious, where sudden sweating or excessive sweating is a symptom of something that needs to be diagnosed and treated.





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